For many years now I have been feeding and watching wildlife, There's still many animals on my want to see list though.

See my Flickr link below for a taste of the wonders I've met both in the garden and the world around it.[email protected]/

At Home I feed the birds and have like many found that what food given can really effect who turns up.
So I have a couple of little recipes you you to try for fat blocks which i find go down a treat.(see wildlife notes page)

When out on the nature reserves I keep safety in mind and have important numbers on my phone for anything eg, RSPCA/Local wildlife rescue people, police and emergency services.  I always think its better to be safe than sorry. I also recommend a safety whistle.

What I use to Watch Wildlife

I shop at for all my Wildlife watching supplies so far at the aptly named

I managed to get some scrimp nets on offer. These are great for hiding my little tent I use in wet weather.
I mostly use The throw over hide  I have with works well as I'm short (4F 10inches) so I have plenty of room. I have one in Hardswood green.
I also treated myself to a lens cover in advantage timber. I use this with the throw over hide to  welll...... hide!

Photography Kit
Camera: Canon 7D.
Lenses: Cannon: 70 - 200 & Cannon 100- 400
Tripod with ball head.

Extras: Pair of Camo trousers from army surplice shop 
            Home made Bean bag with Camo material and many polystyrene beans (material cut offs)
            Camo Cap to help break up my shape. (Going to attach some material to the back to hide my neck)

Bird Feeders Used

I used to buy  quite expensive feeders but found this does not often mean best feeders.

Im currently using: