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Hi, my name is Nikola I'm based In Dorset in the UK. I am self taught and draw in a photo realism style.
I have always loved drawing since I could hold a pencil, and I'm often found sketching away in a corner. I also have a passion for photography, so the two hobbies go well together, 

I am also a keen drawer of dinosaurs and mythical creatures. Most of my work of this type is inked work.

I am a  resource designer for Crafts U Print, mostly designing Stamps.

How can you help my journey continue?

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  • "Hi Nikola, I love the drawing of Hector, it's beautiful, thank you so much XXXX"
    Linda P
  • "My Dad was over the moon with the picture of his Springer which you did for me. Both he and his wife said how well you captured him and what a great talent you have :-) Keep it ..."
    Oliver Spot